Non Owner SR22 Insurance Virginia

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Non Owner SR22 Insurance Virginia, what is it?

If you live in the state of Virginia and do not own or hold the title to any vehicle in your own name, but still have the need to drive a vehicle, you can still get an SR22 insurance policy to reinstate your driver’s license following your suspension period. The type of SR22 insurance policy you will need to get is referred to as a Virginia non-owner SR22 insurance policy.

A Non Owner SR22 Insurance Virginia is a liability-only policy that is typically written to meet the state of Virginia’s minimum auto insurance coverage limits. That is not to say that you cannot request higher limits than the state minimums. A non-owner SR22 is an attachment to your insurance policy that your insurance provider will write in addition to performing the SR22 filing that will be done with the Virginia DMV.

Anyone may apply for a Non Owner SR22 Insurance in Virginia, the only requirement that must be met is that you must not personally own any vehicle that is titled in your name. If you do own your vehicle and wish to save some additional expense on your Virginia SR22 insurance costs by getting a non-owner policy an option for you is to transfer title of the vehicle to a family member for the 3-year period that you are required to maintain your SR22 filing with the Virginia DMV.

Non Owner SR22 Insurance Virginia


What does a Non Owner SR22 Insurance Virginia cover?

If you have a non-owner policy and you are involved in an accident your Non Owner SR22 Insurance Virginia will cover damage to the other vehicle involved in the accident along with any property damage that was caused as a result of the accident. Along with any injuries to the other vehicles occupants or anyone else injured as a result of the accident that was not physically in the vehicle you were driving at the time.

If you are found to be at fault in an accident your non-owner SR22 insurance policy will not cover any damage done to the vehicle you were driving or any injuries you receive as a result of the accident. It will be your responsibility to cover these expenses out of your own pocket. Remember a non-owner policy is a liability only policy.


How do I apply for a Non Owner SR22 Insurance Virginia policy?

We make it very simple for you to apply for a non-owner insurance policy in Virginia. All you have to do is select the non-owner box on page two of our online quote form to receive up to five non-owner quotes from insurers in our network.

You could spend a lot of your own time looking for an insurance provider in Virginia who offers non-owner policy because the fact is that a lot of insurers do not even offer these policies to their clients. When you select the non-owner box on our quote form you are guaranteed that the quotes you receive will be from insurers in your area who do offer non-owner policies and understand the process behind writing a non-owner rider in the state of Virginia.


How will the Virginia DMV know I have a non-owner SR22 policy?

After you receive your non-owner quotes you simple choose the policy with the lowest premiums that meets your needs then the insurer who writes the policy will complete all the necessary SR22 forms for you. Once the forms are completed your insurer will submit all the necessary forms to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles on your behalf. Then when you go down to the DMV to reinstate your driver’s license your SR22 form will already be on file with the DMV.

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